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Stay in your best health through our patient-centered medical care.
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Are you looking for a reliable healthcare partner you can entrust with the well-being of your loved ones? Look no further as the Center For Integrated Medicine, PLLC is here to take care of you. We offer a complete range of patient-centered preventive and curative medical care. Our goal is to help you preserve your best health and promote the continuous improvement of those who are on their way to recovery.

At the Center For Integrated Medicine, PLLC, our board-certified doctors are capable of conducting state-required exams. We also offer pre-employment health screenings, immunizations, and other first-contact medical care. In our clinic, we help you achieve optimal health through customized health plans tailored to your needs. Learn more about our services below.


  • Regular checkups and screenings
  • Immunizations, including flu vaccines
  • Employment physicals
  • Health education and healthy lifestyle counseling
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • Management of chronic health conditions (i.e., hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and COPD)
  • Medication management
  • Women’s care, including Pap smears and menopause management
  • Sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment
  • Men’s care, including PSA tests
  • Referrals to specialty care
  • Counseling
  • Behavioral health conditions, such as anxiety and depression
  • Diabetes and other endocrine (hormonal) disorders
  • Digestive health issues, such as heartburn
  • Ear, nose, and throat conditions, including ear infections
  • Pulmonary (lung and breathing) disorders, such as asthma
  • Skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and rashes
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Specialized care for older adults, including balance and memory assessments
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Hcg Injections
  • Lipotropic Injections
  • B12 Injections

Yoga, Aerobics and Zumba classes twice a month, please check website and/or call our office for dates and times.

IV Treatment:

Oral vitamins and minerals have been the standard of care for health and wellness. While beneficial, anything taken by mouth must pass through the digestive tract, reducing the potency because it’s not completely absorbed into the body.
​There are two things that make IV therapy for your immune system so effective: the quantity of the dose and the speed at which it works.

IV therapy, is a more efficient way to nourish the body by allowing vitamins and minerals to rapidly enter the bloodstream, bypass the digestive tract and liver, then circulate throughout the body. Oral medications and supplements are only around 50% bioavailable, IV therapy is 90% bioavailability, which means you get a lot more benefits because the IV puts those nutrients right into your system, there’s no delay in relieving your symptoms.

  • Hydration
  • Cold and Flu
  • Immune Booster
  • Weight Loss
  • Energy and Focus
  • Migraine and Headaches
  • Myers Cocktail

Kinesiology Taping:

Kinesiology studies the mechanics of human movement and how they impact our health and wellbeing. Kinesiology literally means the study of body movement.
Kineso taping helpsresetting the circuitry in the affected part of the body by correcting any faulty interactions and/ or injury between skin, muscles, joints, and tendons. The taping method changes the information your sensory nervous system is sending about pain and compression in your body.

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